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Tibor Gergely loved to draw.  From the age of nine, pen and paper were his constant companions.  Throughout his life, his sketchpad accompanied him everywhere.  It was his inner voice, his journal, his equilibrium and his guide.

From his earliest years until the end of his life, in every city and country in which he lived - from Budapest, Hungary to Vienna, Austria, to New York City  -  Gergely drew.

He drew to immortalize what he saw.

He drew to share what he saw with others.

Today, Tibor Gergely’s exquisite drawings are a legacy for us to marvel at and enjoy.

“The ink drawings are the result of my private dialogue with the visual happening before me.  The calmest landscape or the stillest still life  - everything is a drama of lines, spots, space, directions, lights and shadows.”   -  Tibor Gergely